Leasing your place can be quite intimidating. The goal is simple – to sign a lease with the best tenants possible who pay premium rent on time.

However, there are a lot of nuances with leasing a unit. Unless you have previous experience, you’ll want to find an agent who will be with you every step of the way. They will save you time, energy, money, and a lot of stress.

First of all, what do you need to do to rent out a unit? Here is a list of high-level tasks:

  1. Planning and strategizing
  2. Marketing the unit
  3. Showing the unit
  4. Qualifying renters
  5. Negotiating lease terms
  6. Renter application
  7. Lease assembly and signing
  8. Walkthrough

But can you lease your unit without a real estate broker? Yes, of course. If you have the time, energy, patience, and experience then it will save you some money.

However, completing any of the tasks above incorrectly can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example, deciding to rent in the middle of winter typically results in about 20% less rent than spring, summer, and fall. With average rent around $3,000/month, this would mean you would miss out on $7,200 over a year. This is just one example of many.

At Elevated Stories we provide expert guidance to owners on how to maximize rent, secure the best lease terms, and to sign leases with the most qualified tenants. In fact, out of state/country owners barely even need to be involved. We will do everything for you; organizing cleaning, scheduling painting, copying keys, finding tenants, and preparing a lease that can be signed electronically.