Welcome to Elevated Stories!  We help clients buy, sell, rent, and lease  properties.  We’d love to help you with any of your real estate needs.  We help first time home buyers, investors, foreign buyers, 1031 exchange clients, and everyone in-between.

We are not like other real estate brokerages.  We believe in full transparency and putting all of my client’s best interests ahead of my own.  Here are some things we do differently:

  • No broker fee for “No Fee” rentals. 
  • Sellers can cancel the listing agreement at any time without penalty.
  • Love to negotiate and do so fiercely for clients.
  • Offer property management services.
  • Provide personal finance forecasting and advice. 
  • Learn more on how we are different.

We am committed to adding value to your real estate needs. Send us a message or call  to find out more about how we can help.  Learn more.